The subject of the interest of the committee includes different items connected with the fortifications and the military heritage like:

  • Structures, including fortifications, (including fortified towns), works of military engineering, arsenals, harbours, barracks, military and naval bases, testing fields, and other enclaves and constructions built and/or used for military and defensive purposes.
  • Landscapes, including battlefields, territorial, sub-aquatic or coastal defence installations and earth works, ancient or recent.
  • Commemorative monuments, including war memorials, trophies, cemeteries, cenotaphs, and others plaques or marks.

Inter-institutional cooperation

  International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage plans to cooperate with other ICOMOS International Scientific Committee, especially CIIC and CIVVIH, Cultural Tourism, ICOMOS National Committees, ICOMOS International Secretariat in the process of examination of the nominations on the World Heritage List, CIEFAL, other cooperative partners of ICOMOS, for example ICCROM, ICOM, DOCOMOMO, TICCIH, Blue Shield etc., other international and national bodies, such as NATO, Ministries of Defence of different countries, Ministries of Culture of different countries, NGO organizations like International Fortress Council, Fortress Study Group, etc.