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Roberta Luciani Havran - Norwegian ISCFMHs Voting Member

The Norwegian Scientific Committee on Fortification and Military Heritage was founded in 2005. As a result, the  Icomos-Norway board decided to dedicate one of the two annual meetings in 2006 to Fortifications.

The seminar ”War and Peace in 100 years: Fortifications in Norway in the XX.century” was held on the 23rd of March  2006 in association with National Fortification Heritage – a unit within Norwegian Defence Estates. Several presentations were held during the seminar, showing a wide  range of fortification in Norway and other countries. Afterwards there were wide discussion about selection, preservations state, protection attitudes.

The seminar started with a short presentation by architect Roberta Luciani Havran - Norwegian ISCFMHs voting member.

Architect Kjeld Magnussen told us about the role the Norwegian border fortifications from 1901-06 had in the political conflict that lead to the dissolution of the Union between Norway and Sweden in 1905 (link 2).

Prof. Rudi Rolf showed us a range of bunkers from The Atlantic Wall. All with a strong aesthetical, technological and physical appeal, teaching us to recognise their typologies and diversities, and making us understand the process from the general idea to the realization of the plan in all details.

Lidia Klupsz, the president of the ISC on Fortifications and Military Heritage, held an interesting lecture on preservations problems of Warszawa Pact Military architecture in Poland.

Finally, architect Christian Borhaven told us about fortifications from the Cold War period: criteria of selection, preservations process and future challenges (link 3).

The following day,  a seminar was held at National Fortification Heritage also with focus on fortifications in the 20th century. The picture is from this meeting.