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Report 2006


International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage

Annual Report 2006

International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage was established by ICOMOS Executive Committee on 8thFebruary 2005 in Paris.

A - Upcoming activities

·          2006 Scientific Council meeting in Rome – (16th June 2006)

·          2006 annual meeting – Channel Islands, Costal Fortifications (28th September – 3rd October)

·          2007 scientific meeting – Krakow, Management of Fortifications (October – the exact date is unknown yet)

·          2008 business meeting connected with scientific meeting, Proposal for World Heritage Sites – within the framework of the GA (October)

B - Publications under development

·          Papers of IcoFort Committee Members are published at the IcoFort Web Site.

·          Statutes of IcoFort Committee are published at the IcoFort Web Site.

·          Fortifications and Military Heritage, the planning publication under the “Scientific Committees” series of ICOMOS.

C - Affinity organizations

To pursue actively international cooperation for the identifications, protection and preservation of the historic fortifications, military structures, military landscapes and sites, other military heritage monuments, alone or with cooperation with:

Within ICOMOS:

·          National and International Scientific Committees of ICOMOS, especially with respect of ICOMOS’ tasks and needs for UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Division and World Heritage Center.

·          ICOMOS Canada regarding the development of the Scientific Symposium on Spirit of Place associated with 16th ICOMOS General Assembly, Quebec, 2008

Outside ICOMOS:

·          Other cooperative partners of ICOMOS, for example ICCROM, ICOM, DOCOMOMO, TICCIH, Blue Shield etc.

·          Other international and national bodies, such as NATO, Ministries of Defence of different countries, Ministries of Culture of different countries.

·          National Center for Historical Monument Studies and Documentation, Warsaw, Poland.


D - Major issues or concerns within specialized   area to address

·          Promoting the knowledge of the resources, including their historical, architectural, artistic and scientific values, and to encouraging the preservation and maintenance of fortifications, military and naval structures, fortress landscapes and other objects and sites connected with the military heritage.

·          Being available to help ICOMOS accomplish its role in the context of international convention (specially the World Heritage Convention and the Hague Convention) and in its cooperation with UNESCO and other International Organizations, and willing to receive mandates from the Executive Committee to that effect.

·          Carrying out specialized studies and promoting the application of professional expertise in regard to the preservation and conservation problems of historic fortifications and military heritage.

·          Establishing links and networks between conservation professionals, architects, historians, landscape architects, military architecture specialists, archaeologists, recording and inventory specialists, cultural heritage specialists and other professionals.

·          Establishing close cooperation with the other National Committees and International Scientific Committees of ICOMOS.

·          Establishing contacts with and between the relevant institutions, universities, nongovernmental organizations and government organizations that specialize in the research, preservation, conservation and management of historic fortifications, defensive structures and fortress landscapes.

·          Organizing and encouraging the promotion and exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience and the results of research in regard to fortifications, military heritage and fortress landscape resources, their values, the possibilities of their preservation, appropriate conservation methods, and principles of proper maintenance.

·          Creating database for the historic fortifications, military heritage and fortress landscapes which takes into consideration the specific needs of the differing geographical areas, types and conditions.

·          Creating database for the fortification monuments in danger.

·          Organizing initiate international conferences, symposia, workshops, practical tutorials and specialized courses.

·          Providing scientific expertise for specific projects and for solving difficult or complicated preservation and conservation problems.

·          Carrying out specialized studies on professional problems with which ICOMOS is concerned.

·          Defining and adopting an ICOMOS Scientific Program for the preservation of historic fortifications and military heritage, which reflect worldwide needs in the field and in UNESCO.

·          Organizing campaigns; initiating the processes for the protection of the most valuable fortifications, military heritage and fortress landscapes and trying to initiate the procedures for those monuments to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the mother countries.

·          Closely cooperating with experts and groups of specialists and help ICOMOS in the works and programs to prepare documents for UNESCO World Heritage List in scope of the nominations of historic fortifications and military heritage monuments and helping ICOMOS in the preparation of monitoring and periodic reports.

·          Helping ICOMOS to prepare guidelines for the inclusion of properties in the List of World Heritage in Danger and the list of the fortification and military heritage monuments at risk.

·          Cooperating with specialists responsible for handling heritage properties in many Ministry of Defence and in NATO for including their operational perspective to the programs of the protection of military heritage and of military heritage at risk.

·          Submitting an annual report on its activities to the ICOMOS Bureau (Secretary General).

·          Influencing ICOMOS triennium program relevant to The Fortifications and Military Heritage values, protection and management.

·          Developing input on Fortifications and Military Heritage values to ICOMOS Canada on Scientific Symposium Spirit of Place, as part of the 16th General Assembly, Quebec, 2008.

·          Developing the IcoFort Committee Web Site.

·          Responding to the new Eger-Xi’an Principles

E - Areas of the world where IcoFort is particularly active

IcoFort Committee currently has voting or non-voting members from the following countries: 

Australia, Canada, Cuba, France, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Mauritius, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America.

IcoFort is particularly active in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.